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The following recommendations are from attorneys who have worked with Michael Carbone as counsel in mediations or other dispute resolution proceedings.

“I have worked with Michael on several cases.  One was particularly complicated with multiple parties,insurance companies and bankruptcy issues. Early efforts to settle at mediation to settle were unsuccessful and the parties began to arbitrate the case. But Michael continued to be tenacious and worked with all the parties.  Our trust in his skills as a mediator were rewarded with an excellent settlement.  I highly recommend Michael as a mediator.  I surely will be using him again.”  James A. Napoli, Hanson Bridgett LLP, San Francisco, California
"I am an AV rated attorney who has practiced law in San Francisco for over 40 years.  I have had the pleasure of utilizing Michael Carbone's services both 1) as an referee in a complicated real estate partition matter which involved apartments in San Francisco as well as a vineyard property on Sonoma County; and, also, 2) as a Mediator in a homeowners association construction defects case.  Both times I found Mr. Carbone to have an excellent grasp of the facts, of the legal issues and of the dynamics driving the parties' assorted contentions.  I found Mr. Carbone to be personable, professional and easy to work with, in contrast to some less than satisfactory experiences I have had over the years with certain overbearing neutrals."  John R. Browne III , Law Offices of John R. Browne III, San Francisco, California
"My sincere thanks for your efforts in mediating the dispute.  The disparity between the parties’ substantive positions made this an unusually challenging dispute to mediate.  Your graciousness and your good nature were the keys to the parties’ success."  Robert Kidd, Donahue Gallagher Woods, LLP Oakland, California

“My clients and I were sent to mediation on appeal in a very unpleasant dispute between an organization and two former members of the board of directors.  I did not have very high expectations of settlement, but Mr. Carbone spent all day, and into the early evening, and we were able to reach an agreement that everyone could live with.  The other side had 4 or 5 representatives present, all of whom personally disliked my clients, but whatever Mr. Carbone did, it worked.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the mediator deserves a 12.  I would not hesitate to use him again.” Christopher Cole, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, California

 “Mike Carbone has successfully presided over several mediations involving difficult issues, as well as personalities, during the last few years. His professionalism and depth of knowledge are great attributes in a mediator.  I highly recommend using his services as mediator.”  Patricia Lyon, French & Lyon, San Francisco, California

“I hired Michael for a contentious construction payment case. The issues were complex and the personalities were challenging.  Michael tenaciously kept after the parties and helped them analyze the strength and weaknesses in the claims and defenses and enabled them to reach settlement.  I am confident that Michael will be effective to help others resolve difficult cases.” Daniel F. McLennon, McLennon Law Corporation, San Francisco, California

“Michael was able to delve into a complex business dispute and provide insight to both sides, which led to a fair resolution and demonstrated the type of mediation skills often sought by litigators.” John W. Dennehy Donavan Hatem, Boston, Massachusetts

“Michael Carbone was agreed to as a Mediator, and as the Binding Arbitrator, to resolve a heated family trust dispute involving two separate estates with the same beneficiaries. I understood the logic and legal holding behind all of his decisions, even those that were not in my clients’ favor. He knows the law, understands the dynamics of how it affects people and applied and explained it in a very practical way that helped the family understand the resolution. He was able to bring closure to a dispute that had been lingering for over 10 years.”  Marlon Young, Merrill Arnone & Jones, Santa Rosa, California

“Michael is a mediator who sticks with a case until it is resolved. He is particularly adept at handling matters with difficult personalities or where there is a great deal of animosity between the parties. Michael effectively uses his role as the neutral to create a buffer in those situations and to communicate clearly to counsel and the parties how both sides can end up with a "win" at mediation.”  Bill Wilka, Dudnick Detwiler, Rivin & Stikker, San Francisco, California

“I have used Michael as a mediator several times. Michael is an excellent, tenacious and very effective mediator who understands and can work through complex issues. He has a great grasp of real estate.” Hussein Saffouri, Ramsey Law Group, Lafayette, California
“Michael is a skilled mediator with the ability to distill complex situations into comprehendable solutions.”  Jeffrey Krivis, Mediator, Encino, California; Faculty Member, Straus Institute of  Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University

“I have known Michael Carbone for many years, first as an attorney in private practice and in recent years as a professional mediator. He has a comprehensive and accurate grasp of substantive law and is uncommonly capable in the dynamics and subtleties of human character that are so important to a good mediator. I recommend him highly.”  Steve Wilson Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Tobin & Tobin, San Francisco, California

“Michael has been excellent in keeping parties moving forward toward reasonable negotiated resolutions of their disputes.  I highly recommend him.”   Paul Herbert, Frassetto Herbert, Oakland, California

“Michael has the great ability to cut through the emotions of an issue to the core facts giving all involved in the mediation/arbitration process the insight to cooperate in creating a mutually beneficial solution... always preferable to an expensive court decision where you are given the resolution!”  Patrick V. Barber, President San Francisco Region, Pacific Union International, San Francisco, California

“Michael is an excellent mediator, and I would recommend him for any dispute. He is thoughtful, thorough and pleasant, but can move the process when necessary. If he can't get the clients to a resolution, they may actually need trial.”      Richard Beckman, Beckman Blair LLP, San Francisco, California

“Michael is a smart, talented, personable mediator who is able to find common ground between contentious parties needed to facilitate dispute resolution.  I highly recommend him.”  Elizabeth Erhardt, Rutan & Tucker LLP, Palo Alto, California

"Mr. Carbone is a well-respected and experienced Mediator.  I had the opportunity to mediate a case with him and it successfully settled.  He conducted himself in a professional manner, emphasized the hard law, but also demonstrated extreme restraint by being personable with my clients. I would not hesitate in recommending him as a Mediator."  Hein Doan, Attorney at Law, Oakland, California

"Michael is a skilled mediator. I found him to be very well prepared, perceptive, and quite effective in disarming conflict-oriented participants.  I recommend him highly." James Mulcahy, The Mulcahy Law Firm, Irvine, California

“I find Michael to be a very effective mediator. He truly listens to and understands the parties' respective positions, but he also is willing to share in a diplomatic way his objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each sides' case, which prompts the parties to reevaluate their positions and encourages settlement. “ Joseph Addiego, Davis Wright Tremaine, San Francisco, California

"Many thanks for assisting the parties in reaching a settlement.  As I stated at the inception of the mediation, I did not think that the case was ready for settlement.  Your ability and hard work were greatly appreciated.  Francois X. Sorba, San Mateo, California.

“Michael mediated a very complex, multi-million dollar dispute that involved many individuals. Through his skill, perseverance and creativity over multiple sessions, the dispute was settled, saving the parties the substantial time, money and effort that would have been required had this not been resolved."  Jeff Lerman, San Rafael, CA 


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