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Scheduling & Fees


The hourly rate for professional time is $500. Flat rates for a half day or a full day are also available and will be set according to the time estimate, the complexity of the matter, and the number of parties.


Hearings may be scheduled at any location that is mutually acceptable such as the law offices of counsel for one of the parties. In many if not most cases however, a neutral location (such as the offices of a deposition reporter) is preferable. In that event a charge for the use of conference space will often apply. 


There is no charge for travel time within the immediate San Francisco Bay Area. For longer distances travel time will be billed at a reduced rate and a mileage charge will also apply.


Fees and expenses must be paid by advance deposit no later than fourteen days in advance of the hearing.


A fee in an amount equal to the full amount of the advance deposit will be payable for cancellation or rescheduling with less than fourteen days written notice.  This fee will be payable by the party who cancels or who requests the rescheduling.


For scheduling and all other inquiries please call Mr. Carbone at (510) 234-6550.

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